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2022.01.26 06:01 Kezzva C'mon Bethesda..

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2022.01.26 06:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: patrón

patrón translates to pattern
Fill in missing translations @
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2022.01.26 06:01 whoisnegar songs so good I questioned my existence the first time I heard them

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2022.01.26 06:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: kuvio

kuvio translates to pattern
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2022.01.26 06:01 jobsinanywhere £14m Brazilian targeted, Sadio Mane gets concussion then scores, Tielemans race LATEST

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2022.01.26 06:01 farm_and_farmer Watch "Tyson Fury calls cowardly Anthony Joshua" on YouTube

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2022.01.26 06:01 masqjane Ways to improve made accuracy?

I feel like my nade skills are lacking lately and realized I've never really "practiced" them. What videos would you recommend to help my accuracy with nades and when I should use them. What do you guys do to practice?
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2022.01.26 06:01 popcornboiii Krystal Ball: SUPER BUBBLE CRASH? Dire Warning From Investor Who Predicted 2008

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2022.01.26 06:01 Plaxer18 Porez na kapitalnu dobit

Zbunjen sam oko proces prijave poreza na kapitalnu dobit. Recimo ja ulozim preko neke xy aplikacije mu dionice, i za godinu dana dobijem kapitalnu dobit u iznosu 100 kn. Dali ja sad moram samoinicijativno otic u poreznu i to prijaviti? Ako je samoinicijativno, kako oni mogu znati da sam ja dobio taj kapitalni dobit a nisam prijavio porez? Opcenito me zanima sve o tome. Mozda sam samo ja glup i lose informiran o porezima(imam 18 pa se jos nisam tolko susretao s placanjem poreza, so give me some slack).
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2022.01.26 06:01 Bercoulii How strong are The Mongols lancers?

I just want to know are Mongols lancers different from other knight? because i once played as Mongols against French and fought lancers against royal knights and they felt equal, and even stronger. I've been using lancers every time I play Mongols and they absolute dominate the game.
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2022.01.26 06:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: skemo

skemo translates to pattern
Fill in missing translations @
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2022.01.26 06:01 Umair-Hussain How did you guys stop overeating?

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2022.01.26 06:01 azam_ilias How It Feels to Be a Muslim Woman Sold by India's Right Wing | Time Magazine

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2022.01.26 06:01 amodelairplanersmtin What do you call a child telling his mother he broke something?

an honest mistake (i waa playing minecraft when this joke came into my head and i HAD to post it here)
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2022.01.26 06:01 svanapps DIGITAL 2022: ANOTHER YEAR OF BUMPER GROWTH

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2022.01.26 06:01 angelisstic_ Someone sent me a http libk

Someone sent me a http link that supposedly leads to Imgur (I didn’t click on it or open it). What’s he trying to do? Can you report someone to the police doing that? Or can you report him to Reddit?
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2022.01.26 06:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: patron

patron translates to pattern
Fill in missing translations @
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2022.01.26 06:01 amyandbender Sucking him off and listening to some bass music

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2022.01.26 06:01 Xccept-nsfw Im having issues with layout

So im trying to switch to my other bases that I made but for some reason im not able to switch to them. It just tells me that layout needs to be finished first even though theres nothing left to put or edit so im not sure what to do. I already tried resetting and placing everything so idk what to do
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2022.01.26 06:01 floweryi Cover letters when applying for intern

I’ve been reading on this subreddit that a getting an internship is a numbers game and you should apply to as many as possible. But I was wondering, do y’all write a cover letter for most of them, some of them, just write one and repurpose it for other applications, or just apply without a cover letter when it’s not required.
If it’s actually a numbers game, does the quality of application (ie. a very well written cover letter that took like a day to write) actually matter or should I just save time and apply to as many as possible. Because my course is quite narrow, there aren’t a lot of job openings available so that’s another thing I’m worried about.
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2022.01.26 06:01 erichkng TP Hospital alternative strategy: Playing with business sense

For most walkthrough of Two Point Hospital, nearly all suggest to keep the hospital small and increase the treatment prices to get through the financial constrain at the start. I did so as well, but it is not reflecting the truth of the world. As a perfectionist, I figure out an alternative way to play TPH which will still sail through almost all of three star levels without hurting patient's happiness. Indeed, I never have any rage quit in any hospital except a few long-standing facture ward patients who cannot get any refreshments while in bed to keep up happiness.
Of course, some key well-known strategy must still be observed:

  1. Activate "Fast-Track Treatment Decision" in the "Overview" menu and "Policy" tab.
  2. Build GP offices close to the reception desks, diagnosis rooms should be close to the GP offices, treatment further away and facilities the furthest etc.
  3. Only build rooms when necessary.
  4. Keep room prestige level to at least 4.
  5. Make corridors large (at least 2 tiles) to avoid congestion. Do not decorate corridors until the hospital is very profitable.
  6. Try to only recruit novices with no skill or staff with ideal combination of skills. Sack and replace those who are not if not possible. Never recruit employees with bad traits, especially "expensive", "evil", "grumpy", "nasty" etc.
  7. Perform job assignment of staff. GP-trained doctors must be doing GP etc.
Other than these, I focus more on cash management and staff management to obtain three stars without hurting price, reputation and happiness. In summary, I use these alternative ideas which are different to mainstream strategies:
  1. Instead of alternating the prices and send patients home when overcrowded, I will use loan (under certain conditions) to expand the hospital in a certain way.
  2. Always have benches and refreshments for all patients. These will keep patients 100% happy at all times and no bed-side-manner skill for any staff is required. When strong team of staff and equipment, the trade-off of some delay and drain of patient's health is acceptable for me. Clusters of benches, luxury drink & snack machines, big bin and video games (and some decoration to increase attractiveness when full of cash) are more than enough to get the balance of happiness and time in hospital right.
  3. Promote doctors and nurses immediately regardless of financial situation. This is not good to financial situation at the start, but experiences for doctors and nurses are very valuable to novices. Train up many novices to level 3 or higher quicker will only help the hospital to sort out queue problem later.
  4. Always hire novice doctors and nurses when available and dump them in staff room without any duties until trained according to needs. Again this has negative impact to financial situation at the start and must be carefully managed. However, building a pool of available novices can ensure the best quality of doctors and nurses when called upon and avoid the need to hire poor staff as temporary solution. It is a waste of experience given to those staff who will be sacked eventually. To smooth out the financial impact, keep the total number of novices to around 4-5 at maximum. By keeping number of novices down, train enough GPs early is always encouraged. Novices with one diagnosis skill can also work in GP offices in early games to get a new slot to train radiology for future use in MEGA.
  5. Always check the profit factor when running a hospital. Elaboration in hospital value and profit factor is shown in this discussion. Even when you are deep in loan, you are good once the profit factor has increased through out. However, financial disaster is imminent when the profit factor has decreased after getting a loan and bankruptcy will be happened much quicker.
As a private hospital organization (except target-challenging hospitals like Duckworth and Underlook Hotel), the ultimate objective and the major source of income is to treat any patients. Therefore discouraging patients to visit our hospital will not earn enough money to expand and make the progress slower. The financial leverage of loan will let you obtain more revenue earlier than normal. With careful cash management, the hospital will grow faster eventually with a loan. Once the hospital can handle as many patients as possible, loans will be settled easily and more free cash should be available to increase the attractiveness of corridors and make patients always happy.
My key points on loan and cash management, which will enhance profit factor of the hospital:
  1. NEVER EVER TRY TO LOAN ALL THREE LOANS AT ONCE. The $MC loan of $250k should be the world saver and solve almost all the problems. If not, you will have at least a final chance to get one of the two smaller loans and ratify the remaining problems. Unless I need several expensive rooms in one go, I will not let myself into such scenario.
  2. In my view, the Two Point Bank loan is good for working capital and repayment of bigger loan. I'll only utilize it in early game to build my pool of novices, and the outstanding of a bigger loan drops to around $50k to save interest expenses.
  3. The Swindles loan of $100k is good for purchasing one or two diagnosis or treatment rooms depending on demand. As a popular strategy, I will build the treatment room only if more than 2 patients need it or have an emergency on that illness.
  4. $MC loan is only good for purchasing multiple expensive diagnosis and treatment rooms in a short period of time, and staffs operating these new rooms are immediately available. Usually I should have enough remaining money to repay the smaller loans to keep only one loan at a time. Later, this loan will be repaid by other smaller loans to save interest expenses.
  5. Do not let any GP offices and diagnosis room without any staff operating at most of the times to keep the patients and money flowing. To ensure staffs to rest properly or have adequate training without hampering daily operation, I will use "+1 or more" strategy to assign all staff who do diagnosis. For instance, if I have four nurse-operated diagnosis room, I will train five diagnosis nurses. If I have 6 GP offices, I will have 8 GPs for rotation. Surgeons, treatment doctors and nurses are excepted from this rule and depends on requirements for each hospital. Too many treatment staff will decrease the chance of obtain experiences and hamper each other's development of skills. However, for the ease of rostering and my personal preference, I will train all treatment doctors to have DNA skills so that staffing for DNA and all doctor treatment rooms can group together. Surgery nurse is a good way to train reserve treatment nurses. New novices will be added as surgery nurse and trained one will come out to be new treatment nurses for expansion of high turnover rooms such as pharmacy and injection room.
  6. Only get a loan less than $50k to hire staffs which can be used immediately (have required skills and good traits, or temporary staff to train the novices). I would recommend to try to hire novices using free cash without utilize a new loan, because novices have minimal immediate return on investment (ROI). Hire novices using profits generated and keep the number of untrained novices as low as possible by training them ASAP.
  7. Other than diagnosis and treatment rooms, I would not recommend to use loan to buy lands or decorate. Again these items have no or minimal ROI value and will only affect your ability of repayment.
  8. Do not borrow $MC loan in Underlook Hotel, because the monetary rewards for achieving the targets are far worse than Duckworth. I find it quite difficult to repay the $100k loan although I constantly meet the targets. Actually I do not need a loan at all for Duckworth as the target rewards are so rich for a starter!
At the start, I would build 1-3 GP offices, a ward, a GD, a pharmacy, a training room, a staff room, a toilet, and (later) a fluid analysis and (if absolutely necessary) a research room. I'll aim for several doctors with GP (or diagnosis in early stage) only to work in GP office, one ward nurse, one treatment nurse to hire for starting. I would not try to set up advance diagnosis rooms early, and DO NOT LOAN MORE THAN $50k in this early stage, because early illnesses will not give you enough money to justify the capital outlay/repay the loan.
Usually this set-up will handle early patients well without need of any loan if no research is set up, and a $50k loan is more than sufficient even with a research room and a pool of novices is building up at the same time. Plan how many staffs needed in the hospital and train the required novices early even some may not be in use immediately. Without those expensive advance equipment, the hospital level will grow slowly by the increasing the team of experts in future.
In my personal experience, if the queue in 3 GP offices approach 10 each, just build another one. However, if you have a team of GPIII and IV doctors later, you would not need that many GP offices. The maximum GP offices I needed is 6 for Pelican Wharf. Purchase the treatment rooms if badly needed. If the queue in fluid analysis approaching 10, it is time to borrow big and get those heavy guns such as MEGA, X-ray and DNA. When I already have all the staffs to operate these machines, money will come quickly at all times.
I enjoy playing TPH using this alternative approach. Staff morale for every hospital is always 90% at least. No price adjustments at all. Patients always happy and healthy. The only downside is that my profit for the year is always dwarfed to Jumbo's figures!
Finally, any method to achieve three stars is a good method. Feel free to play whatever you want. Thanks for reading.
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2022.01.26 06:01 Log23 So I guess Riot shield just stop rendering or giving hit sounds now.

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2022.01.26 06:01 Granolah___ I bought the skin

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