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2022.01.26 04:22 JSilverhands2077 Memento Mori

I need to share this for everyone, as I believe all who read this will benefit from it.
There's a verse by a great Roman Emperor called Marcus Aurelius, as well as a Latin saying.
“You could leave life right now. Let that determine what you do and say and think.” — Marcus Aurelius. Meditations 2.11
"Memento Mori", which means "remember that you will die"
Our lives are short. So many of us feel like we can never love again, but we can.
To everyone reading this who thinks they'll never find love again, your feelings are VALID! But it doesn't mean they're true. You had a past with them. You had a future planned with them. Your thoughts consist of them. Your heart beats for them. But realize this, we will all die. We all will forgotten someday after passing.
So with this life we have now, let us live it in such a way that we are happy with ourselves!
Go to the gym. See that new girl. Meet those friends. Take a bubble bath. Play that game. Watch that movie. Take that vacation. Do what you need to do, FOR YOU.
You didn't deserve the toxicity. They didn't deserve your love and trust. Accept that. Or start to accept that.
Because I promise you, when you treat every word, thought, and action as if it was your last, you will heal faster.
Someone is waiting, out there, just for you.
I love you. And so does someone else. Someone way better than whoever hurt you.
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Bounty Campaign
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2022.01.26 04:22 kaleviko [All] Gordon Cole

Third season penultimate episode P17 got going with some troubling banter between Cole and Albert, in a strange hotel room high up above the little town of Buckhorn.

Albert: "You okay, Gordon?"
Cole: "I couldn't do it, Albert. I couldn't do it."
Albert: "You've gone soft in your old age."
Cole: "What?"
Albert: "I said, 'You've gone soft in your old age.'"
Cole: "Not where it counts, buddy."
As Cole said that, he looked at the idle gun in his hand, in apparent juvenile reference to his prevailing sexual prowess.
Supposedly, this was in the aftermath of Diane's sudden departure in the previous episode. But Cole's behavior then and now didn't seem to be the same at all. When Diane told the story about her rape, Cole showed no emotion, and he was noticeably indifferent when Albert and Tammy sent her to the Waiting Room. However, now it was made to look as if he had drawn his weapon but then overcome with emotion and been unable to shoot at her. That was clearly not what had happened.
In Return, usage of all kind of continuity issues may have been a means to lay what Albert called as "an alternate path" to "answers" - means to reassemble the season to something else entirely that Lynch has at store in his closing chapter of Twin Peaks. This time, perhaps the blatant discontinuity was used to draw our attention to Cole's gun. We'd get back to his weapon in a minute.
Another sign that something was afoot was Cole asking, "What?" It seems to have been commonplace throughout the season that when the dialog didn't necessarily mean what we first thought it meant, another character commented on it with "what?". The question was used in that perceived purpose some 60 times, giving some idea of the possible extent how much double-speaking there was.
Superficially meaningless and eye-rollingly misplaced, Cole and Albert's little exchange was probably one of the season's major revelations - and of Twin Peaks as a whole.
Before delving to that, we should have a quick look at Lynch's past works. During his career, he has largely refused to discuss the meanings of his films, and more precisely what they mean to him. That might be partly because he is not a very articulate person, and when he starts to explain just about anything, audience only tends to get more baffled. Another reason might be that his dark works are far more personal than we would be comfortable with, going to such corners of his imagination that he isn't willing to analyze, neither privately or in public.
Like Lynch likes to tell, ideas come to him and he goes with those that he loves. Even if he stays mum what those ideas mean to him, he doesn't seem to be too bothered if they have uncomfortable looking connections to himself. Let's take two examples.
In Lynch's first feature film Eraserhead (1977), the hapless main character drifted to an unexpected marriage. Incapable of taking care of his family, he first had his tired wife leaving him and then their screaming mutant baby dissolving to bloody pulp. It has long been assumed that the story was based on Lynch's own marital life. Being born with malformed feet herself, his daughter Jennifer thinks she was the inspiration for the mutant baby.
Another example is Lost Highway (1997) twenty years later. The movie starts and ends with a scene that Lynch tells happened to him in real life. This time, it happened to the main character Fred Madison - a musician like Lynch himself - who then murdered his wife and inexplicably turned into a completely different character, a garage mechanic Pete Dayton who had a parallel life of his own. After the movie was completed, Lynch kept the house that was bought and furnished as Fred's home. While Lynch lives in another property on the same road, he continues to use the house as a sound studio.
In both of these movies, Lynch let his persona be linked to a failing man played by an actor. In Twin Peaks, however, Lynch cast himself as one of the characters, a generally affable FBI director Gordon Cole. Cole first appeared in season 2. Lynch then reprised the role in Fire Walk with Me and kept Cole prominently present in season 3.
Lynch putting himself forward like that was not only unusual as such but also unexpected in another way: while he seems to have often associated himself with much darker fates central to the story, none of that appeared to apply to Cole. He was a harmless, sweet and ultimately pointless side character. He lacked all and any character arch, had hardly any background and could just as well have been cut off without much impact to the overall story. Yet, something kept Lynch invested in the role.
Lynch appeared to dig this curious hole deeper in P14 when Cole told Albert and Tammy about his Monica Bellucci dream. The dream openly linked Cole to Lynch himself. In the dream, Lynch - furnished with an FBI pin - had coffee with Monica and her real-life friend French film producer Mélita Toscan du Plantier at a Parisian cafe Crêperie Plougastel. The location was probably selected to make us notice how it was next door to premises where Lynch had a lithograph exhibition in 2016. The women had apparently come to see Lynch and his art, and he had asked if they could film a quick scene.
In the dream, Monica urged Cole to "look back at something that was happening there". He did as requested.
Cole: "I turned and looked. I saw myself."
Based on Lynch's position, he turned to stare right at the gallery where his exhibition was taking place, even if the scene itself had an abrupt cut to younger Cole in Fire Walk with Me.
In the episode that followed P15, Lynch further underlined the imaginary nature of Gordon Cole by playing a brief scene from one of his all-time favorites, Billy Wilder's Sunset Boulevard. The scene reminded us how Cole's name had been lifted from the movie where it belonged to an even more meaningless side character.
So, it looks as if Lynch emphasized how Cole was the director himself - not very surprising since he played the man. At the same time, however, he openly undermined the already thin character, as if asking us to look past him to more characteristically disturbing revelations.
While Lynch is unwilling to speak about his intentions, he says he loves a mystery, and any good mystery can be made sense of. As usual, he urges anyone to see his work whichever way they want, yet he makes it clear his stories do come together for his own sake, however strange and incomprehensible they might seem. He doesn't seem to be that worried if we ever manage to figure out what his stories mean to him personally, but Return appears to be a bit different, asking us to make sense of itself and giving us the most unusual and absurd ride if we want to go down that rabbit hole.
Looking at Cole's doings throughout Twin Peaks, he had one direct connection to what was happening in the story itself, otherwise remaining in the background, explaining and observing the story or letting others use his presence as a sounding board. That connection happened in the second season episode E25 when he suddenly fell for Shelly Johnson. She appeared equally enamoured by his antics. In the episode that followed E26, the two kissed in the RR Diner as powerless and surprised Bobby looked on.
Cole's storyline with Shelly ended just as abruptly as it had started, and Lynch never got back to it. Curiously, though, their last outing seems to have influenced a scene in the third season. In P11, Shelly and Bobby were in the RR Diner when an anonymous character credited as Red appeared. Shelly immediately ran outside, kissing him passionately. Like in the scene with Cole, again there was frustrated Bobby looking on.
Red and Shelly's affair came out of nowhere and didn't seem to make the least sense. Also this time, the whole thing was dropped just as we saw a kiss, never to be mentioned again.
So, we had two odd love story stubs, one between Shelly and Cole and another between Shelly and Red. Her kissing the men was both times witnessed by Bobby in the RR Diner.
"What happens in season 2?" Albert quipped in P9. Was Red's scene there to remind us about Cole and Shelly?
Left without a name in the story and credited only as a color, Red had his main scene in P6. It was early morning, and he was intimidating Richard, a small-time drug dealer, in a warehouse somewhere close to the Twin Peaks sawmill.
Red: "Just remember this, kid ... I will saw your head open and eat your brains if you fuck me over."
Then he draw finger guns and pointed at Richard.
Red: "You can count on that."
He kept waving his finger guns.
This felt familiar. In P17, Cole looked at the gun in his hand as Albert teased him.
Albert: "I said, 'You've gone soft in your old age.'"
Cole: "Not where it counts, buddy."
Let's hear these differently. Where did a gun count? That happened when Red draw his finger guns and urged to count on that. If so, was there someone present who hadn't gone soft? That was Red who said he'd saw Richard's head open and eat his brains.
It seems as if these awkward exchanges were meant to further link Cole and Red, already connected by Shelly.
Yet another connection was created by the mysterious French Woman in P12. Trying to make sense what could possibly have been going on with her, it looks like this was a fantasy dream scene between Cole and Shelly's daughter Becky, with Cole himself being "the friend of her mother" that she had come to visit, possibly in search of her missing husband Steven who was gone - Lynch then in one of the many word games using gown as a visual metaphor for such characters, the two words being each other's homophones. If we now reflect that possibility back to the discussion here, the only "friend of her mother" that Becky was shown to have been aware of was Red: in the previous episode P11, Becky was in the RR Diner when Red appeared and Shelly suddenly ran outside to kiss him.
Elsewhere, Red seems to have been linked to Shelly's brutal drug-dealing and wife-beating trucker-ex-husband Leo Johnson. Red was introduced in P2 in a composition that was reminiscent of Leo's sole flashback in P17. Both drug dealers had a Chevrolet Corvette, were familiar with Twin Peaks and were of course kept busy by Shelly.
Leo was an archetypical Lynchian failure. He was a major character in seasons 1 and 2 but almost entirely absent from season 3. In the season 1 finale, he was shot on his sofa. Somehow he survived, first as a quadriplegic and then as a mentally reduced shadow of his former self, never recovering. His last act was to let Major Briggs run free to save Shelly that he himself had tried to murder at the end of season 1.
In season 3, the actor playing Leo didn't come back but we got just enough flashback of Leo in P17 to be reminded he still mattered. Earlier in the same episode, Cooper said how "the past dictates the future", possibly meaning that the finale's much older, uncredited man, who had a similar hairstyle as Leo and who was dead on a sofa in the house where an unnamed diner waitress may have lived with him, was in fact an alternate Leo, his past having dictated the future of his other incarnation. Mirroring Leo's fate, this man had been paralyzed before he was shot, at least based on the commode by the entrance.
This then takes us back to Cole and Albert's seemingly meaningless chat in P17, before Leo's flashback in the same episode and the finale's dead man that followed in the next.
Albert: "You've gone soft in your old age."
Cole: "What?"
Since the finale's dead man on the sofa was apparently paralyzed, he had gone soft in his old age. If that was the intended hearing Albert's "what?" hinted about, then their little exchange linked Cole also to Leo. Thus, it starts to look possible that in Lynch's freewheeling fantasy not just Cole and Red but also Leo were all one and the same character. Even if they all courted Shelly in the same town, they were separated to their own storylines, never meeting the other two.
This kind of surreal turn of events is of course totally outlandish - yet not any more outlandish than the inexplicable transformation of Fred Madison to Pete Dayton in the earlier discussed Lost Highway, the two characters having nothing at all in common except falling for women who looked identical. Coincidentally, Pete was played by Balthazar Getty who also played Red.
Lynch has long been fascinated by Kafka's Metamorphosis, a story about a man who suddenly and without any specific reason turned into a poisonous vermin. A reminder of this was given to us in Kafka's portrait that was hanging on Cole's wall in P3. The dead man in the season 3 finale may have been a hint that Leo did die at the end of season 1. There was no miraculous recovery; instead, the story shifted to more miraculous landscapes. Like the Log Lady said in P15, death was "just a change" - in this case, the change of Leo to Gordon Cole in season 2 - seemingly his polar opposite. What remained of Leo was a broken shadow that continued to roam what probably was not the same world he had left behind.
Elsewhere, it also seems that Red was linked to the red curtains that formed the Black Lodge, the apparent stage for all these dreamy scenes and changing faces, with The Arm being his curious "liver problem" - the problematic entity who lived inside the Black Lodge. If that was the case and Red and Leo the truck driver were the same person, then we'd have a possible better understanding of Buella's words in P1.
Buella: "It's a world of truck drivers."
Assuming all this added up as intended and then going back to Shelly, she was "time and time again" attracted to the same man she had first married, finding him again in Cole and then in Red, each time witnessed by Bobby who was her lover when she was married to Leo. As for Lynch himself, through the harmless conduit of Gordon Cole, he would have linked himself close to the dark heart of Twin Peaks, just as we should expect him to have done. Perhaps his incarnation lived there as Leo Johnson, and maybe it was a corner of Lynch's own mind that was shown to us as the Black Lodge.
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2022.01.26 04:22 bred_bank_manager Hi! I’ve been wanting to write my own story for a while and I want someone I can talk to about my ideas for the story

I’d love to have a friend I can just go to to talk about my many ideas. The more I talk about my stories the more they develop. I am fascinated with fantasy stories and oc stuff and have been wanting to write my own story, I have one in the works with my friend but that one is a big task. I want to practice with shorter stories and I think I have the one. Dm me if you’re interested to hear about it!
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2022.01.26 04:22 Santanas_Sombrero Would you like to see one user flair for each of the five regions of Brazil?

There is currently a flair for two regions and one for all of Brazil but this can change to only five flairs of each region.
View Poll
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2022.01.26 04:21 speechieeee toothache

Does anyone have any recommendations for wisdom tooth pain? It started yesterday and I have been struggling to chew and open my mouth and it’s painful :( today I went to the dentist and they confirmed I need to remove my wisdom teeth but I need to go to an oral surgeon. So now I need to look into oral surgeons that take my insurance and etc. In the meantime, what can I take or do for for the pain? If I take advil, how many days can I take it and how many can I take? Thank yu!!
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2022.01.26 04:21 Expensive-Glove6977 does wooden crate’s condition changed over time?

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2022.01.26 04:21 Forward_Round Sky Strikers & Dragon Maids as far as the eye can see..

60 % of my duels are against those 2.. to anybody rubbing them, or anything thing considered to be Meta.. do you guys actually enjoy the cards and their mechanics and that’s why you use them or are you just running them because it’s what Meta and you want to win? .. I’m not judging of course.. I mean who doesn’t want to win.. I just don’t like using whatever the Meta is myself.. my locals back in the day made me hate Meta decks.. I’d go every week and take a different deck each time trying to have some fun and 12 out of the 16 people there were running the same deck, which was whatever the meta was at the time.. plus the guy who couldn’t let go of those freaking frogs of his..
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2022.01.26 04:21 Derwin331 Hi guys, any of you have used CRISC practice exam questions from edusum before? Mind to share some experience please? https://www.edusum.com/isaca/isaca-crisc-certification-sample-questions

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2022.01.26 04:21 -softly how to become a "tougher" person

honestly the title is weird so i apologize, but i will give some background
so my girlfriend lives in a really dangerous area (we don't live in the same area btw) and recently she encountered some dangerous guy by herself and it made me realize how i don't look like a tough person at all who could protect her if there was anything horrible that ever happened. that worries me since i don't look like i could actually help in terms of self-defense and i would like to improve myself in this area honestly i wouldn't want to try to protect her.
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2022.01.26 04:21 Bronzecrank Arnold 24x24 | Kuroneko Dungeon - Ryoushi no Umi no Lindwurm [Extreme] +HD (squirrelpascals | 6.46*) 99.53% FC #1 | 366pp | 90.10 UR | Best acc on map, Tekkito snipe

Arnold 24x24 | Kuroneko Dungeon - Ryoushi no Umi no Lindwurm [Extreme] +HD (squirrelpascals | 6.46*) 99.53% FC #1 | 366pp | 90.10 UR | Best acc on map, Tekkito snipe submitted by Bronzecrank to osugame [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 04:21 FrontpageWatch2020 [#8|+11171|437] This Porsche looks like it had an allergic reaction [r/Weird]

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2022.01.26 04:21 ravenousglory Need help with restoring faceplates.

Hello! Recently I bought a very good sounding IEMs - FiiO x Jade Audio JH3, I'm happy with it but their faceplates looks like mirrors - which means they already full of scratches. Is there a fast and easy way to polish them and what I need for that? Material of faceplates is some metal (I don't know which one). Thanks!
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2022.01.26 04:21 snowman_reyes After game screen.

Can they revert the way you click on good teammate after the game? This new system is weird and rather just RB and A. So quick and easy.
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2022.01.26 04:21 Foreign-Sentence-146 [BotW]So I tried draw a Yiga Clan windcleaver Guy but in a virtual boy style what do you think?

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